Concerts & Sports Events


Preparing a concert event can be an overwhelming task as it requires a lot of preparation (more than what most expect). At “Round the Clock” we can organize any concert-related events and will assist with pairing event holders such as yourself with performing artists, equipment, location assistance and even marketing for the event.

Prior to us putting your concert together we’ll sit down with you for a no-obligation consultation where we’ll go over your event requirements and scope of the project and will meticulously craft together a performance-based event that people will not want to miss!

We can provide assistance that includes finding bands to perform and a venue to host your concert at which point we’ll assert our efforts to marketing the event so we can build-up and audience for the show.

Awareness of your concert is just as important as the process of putting the event together and at “Round the Clock” this is inclusive of the package.

Finally, we’ll also provide assistance for “rental equipment” as you may need speakers, lighting and special effects if this isn’t already a part of the stage at the venue where your concert will be taking place.


Sports Events

Having us prepare your next sporting event will let you and your team/attendees enjoy the event to its full potential as we’ll cater and set-up various sporting equipment/balls based on your requirements.

Whether for competition or recreational fun with co-workers, our team at “Round the Clock” is prepared to help you with planning the big day of playing football, basketball, tennis or all three!

When bringing us on board for your sports event you won’t need to lift a finger as we help you to find and secure a location while also supplying rental equipment for any sport that you’d like to have present at the event.

Prior to planning your sports event, we’ll sit down with you to get a clear understanding of your event requirements and we’ll take it from there to make it the perfect sports event!

Get started today and contact us to discuss your upcoming sports event and we’ll be happy to help you make it happen!