Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Wanting to showcase your work or product(s) in a fun and interactive environment that will draw in onlookers, potential clients, and even customers? Our exhibition service is catered for those that are seeking a unique service that will assist with the planning, creation, and launch of an exhibit.

Here at “Round the Clock” we’re passionate when it comes to creating unique experiences and Exhibitions that will inspire your attendees and we can’t wait to play a role in creating an exhibit for your product(s) that you have to showcase.

From providing on-site exhibition support to venue/equipment logistics and even floor-planning at “Round the Clock” we ensure you’re properly prepared to ensure you achieve your maximum potential.

No matter how complex the scope of your project is our experienced exhibition coordinators will take care of all components of planning your exhibition and will provide you with amenities that include display systems for the exhibition, transportation of equipment and even storage/maintenance!

• Pavilion Theme & Design • Production • Audio-Visual Set-Up • Catering • All-around Security • Sourcing & Branding Gifts • Guest Management • On-Site Promotion • Hostess Management