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Our Corporate event management service is a service unlike any other in that our team of corporate event planners will take the time to understand your business model, your event requirements/needs, and vision for the event.

We assess this information and creatively brainstorm ideas to provide you with a corporate event experience that you and your team won’t forget anytime soon!

Whether you’re seeking to host a corporate conference or a seminar we’ll streamline the process for you to make your event happen with ease!

• Event Design • Sourcing Venue • Sounds & Lights • Catering • Stage Décor • Sourcing of Branding Gifts • Professional MCs • Designing & Prints • Travel Booking • Accommodation

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Wanting to showcase your work or product(s) in a fun and interactive environment that will draw in onlookers, potential clients, and even customers? Our exhibition service is catered for those that are seeking a unique service that will assist with the planning, creation, and launch of an exhibit.

Here at “Round the Clock” we’re passionate when it comes to creating unique experiences and Exhibitions that will inspire your attendees and we can’t wait to play a role in creating an exhibit for your product(s) that you have to showcase.

From providing on-site exhibition support to venue/equipment logistics and even floor-planning at “Round the Clock” we ensure you’re properly prepared to ensure you achieve your maximum potential.

No matter how complex the scope of your project is our experienced exhibition coordinators will take care of all components of planning your exhibition and will provide you with amenities that include display systems for the exhibition, transportation of equipment and even storage/maintenance!

• Pavilion Theme & Design • Production • Audio-Visual Set-Up • Catering • All-around Security • Sourcing & Branding Gifts • Guest Management • On-Site Promotion • Hostess Management


BTL Activities

Round The Clock offers the entire breadth of professional event production and management services

• Brand Launch • Brand promotions
• RWA Activities
• Mall Activities
• College Activities
• Rural Marketing
• Road Shows
• Hoardings


Brand & Product Launching

Launching a new brand can often times be difficult as there a lot of responsibilities such as material branding and soft-launch events. With our “brand launching” service you’ll be able to quickly and effectively match your services/products with targeted consumers while also establishing trust with your target market.
Establishing a relationship with your prospects is vitally important to successfully launching a brand and our industry insight has conditioned our efforts to be able to effectively provide brand awareness for your start-up.
India is a vast marketplace with millions of consumers and is one of the world leaders when it comes to entrepreneurs. With such a competitive playing field, getting the word out about your brand can be a difficult task but your brand deserves attention and we’re here for you to help you get the word out to your target industry.
With our brand launching service, we’ll orchestrate an event dedicated to your brand and will assist with gaining publicity and attention which ultimately will result in your new brand gaining some traction to success!


Brand & Product Promotions

While we specialize in “event management” we provide so much more than just putting your event together for launch. We provide in-depth research on your market and offer an all-inclusive service where our creative and ambitious team will use effective techniques to promote your brand.
Some of the promotional techniques that we’ll implement as a part of your brand’s promotion include:
• Strategizing marketing efforts • Postal marketing (promotional postcards) • Digital advertising and traditional advertising (local newspaper) • Email marketing to potential clients and persons of interest • Digital banner ad design(s) in addition to promoting these ads online • Branding material for your event.
We understand your event needs to be unique and will need to represent what the brand stands for. Thru our promotional branding, we’ll fuse together many effective forms of marketing to ensure you receive the maximum amount of exposure possible.


Getting married? It’s your special day, your wedding date is just around the corner, time is of the essence and you’re behind schedule with planning the biggest day of your life. Not to worry, with the experienced wedding planners here at “Round the Clock” we’ll sit down with you for a one-on-one discussion where we’ll discuss how you’d like your wedding organized, designed and catered to and we’ll handle the rest from there!

With an all-inclusive wedding event management service that will include a same-day wedding rehearsal, a rehearsal dinner, flower delivery, seating arrangements, reception catering, live music and much more… your perfect day is only a phone call away from reality!

Regardless of how small or large the wedding we’ll be able to handle all components of organizing your special day. Our seamless approach will streamline the preparation process for your wedding so everything will run like clockwork.

You don’t want any surprises… at weddings, everything needs to be planned and nothing can be overlooked and when we plan your wedding we ensure everything is in order. From selecting a location to flower delivery and food catering we’ll ensure that your wedding day is one of your dreams!



From corporate events, social gatherings and even weddings your celebration will certainly be an event not to be forgotten as “Round the Clock” prepares your celebration so you can enjoy the occasion instead of the “hard work”.

At “Round the Clock” we take your celebration seriously and will be by your side to carefully craft together the perfect day for you and your guests.

Get started with us today and we’ll start working to bring your next event to life with our dedicated, experienced and enthusiastic celebration event management crew! At “Round the Clock” we combine an upscale service at affordable pricing as we believe special occasions should be enjoyed by all and we always provide top-notch services to make your event as effortless as possible for you.

Some of the celebrations that we can organize for you include celebrations for:

• Company lunches/picnics • Grand opening of your brand • Retirements • Holiday Gatherings • Birthdays • Anniversaries • Baby Showers • Dinner Gatherings


Preparing a concert event can be an overwhelming task as it requires a lot of preparation (more than what most expect). At “Round the Clock” we can organize any concert-related events and will assist with pairing event holders such as yourself with performing artists, equipment, location assistance and even marketing for the event.

Prior to us putting your concert together we’ll sit down with you for a no-obligation consultation where we’ll go over your event requirements and scope of the project and will meticulously craft together a performance-based event that people will not want to miss!

We can provide assistance that includes finding bands to perform and a venue to host your concert at which point we’ll assert our efforts to marketing the event so we can build-up and audience for the show.

Awareness of your concert is just as important as the process of putting the event together and at “Round the Clock” this is inclusive of the package.

Finally, we’ll also provide assistance for “rental equipment” as you may need speakers, lighting and special effects if this isn’t already a part of the stage at the venue where your concert will be taking place.


Sports Events

Having us prepare your next sporting event will let you and your team/attendees enjoy the event to its full potential as we’ll cater and set-up various sporting equipment/balls based on your requirements.

Whether for competition or recreational fun with co-workers, our team at “Round the Clock” is prepared to help you with planning the big day of playing football, basketball, tennis or all three!

When bringing us on board for your sports event you won’t need to lift a finger as we help you to find and secure a location while also supplying rental equipment for any sport that you’d like to have present at the event.

Prior to planning your sports event, we’ll sit down with you to get a clear understanding of your event requirements and we’ll take it from there to make it the perfect sports event!

Get started today and contact us to discuss your upcoming sports event and we’ll be happy to help you make it happen!